We are three organizations that work together to create better ways to work. We follow the EPIC Leadership Principles and practices developed by Joe Scanlon and Dr. Carl Frost.

“The Scanlon Plan is an innovative management process for total organization development. It consists of a set of assumptions about human motivation and behavior, general principles for the management of organizations based on those assumptions and specific procedures for implementing these principles.” Dr. Carl Frost

Our main organization is a nonprofit “business league” called the Scanlon Leadership Network. Network members are organizations. Members collect best practices and help each other to become among the leaders in their industries.

Our Scanlon Foundation was created to support the charitable aims of the Network. It also provides memberships to individuals so they can become part of the greater Scanlon movement.

“Companies are rightly judged by their products and services, but they must also face scrutiny as to their humanity.”D.J. DePree.

The Scanlon Foundation web site is www.scanlonfoundation.org

Our third organization is an association of consultants and change agents who believe in the dream of the steelworker Joe Scanlon…

“Together we can achieve the impossible.”

Scanlon Consulting Services works closely with the Scanlon Leadership Network and the Scanlon Foundation to create personal, professionall and organizationall change. The Scanlon Consulting Services web site is www.scanlonleader.com

We are Where the Best ideas Come Together.” Some of the best ideas that have influenced us (and we have contributed to) include…

Theory Y: Assumptions drive behaviors and we assume that most people have great creativity and want to work. [Douglas McGregor studied Scanlon companies to create Theory Y].

The average worker knows their job better than anyone else: We listen to the person closest to the work. [We pioneered employee involvement and teams].

Servant Leadership: The best leaders work for their followers, not the other way around. [Scanlon Leaders like Max DePree have been outspoken supporters of Servant Leadership. “Leadership is an Art” and “Leadership Jazz” his best selling books have helped many leaders to become better servant leaders.]

Employee Involvement: When people are engaged and meaningfully involved we can achieve the impossible.

Open-Book Management: Trust and understanding are built when information is shared.

Gainsharing/Goalsharing/Profitsharing: We believe it is equitable to share the benefits of our free enterprise system among customers, investors and employees. [We have the only gainsharing system that has stood the test of time because it focuses an organization on gainmaking and gainplanning as well as gainsharing.]

Lean Systems: Removing waste is a responsibility of everyone. We work together to create humane and efficient organizations.  We are the leaders in creating lean cultures.  We do more than just teach how to use tools like six-sigma and value stream mapping.

Learning Organizations: We continually work to improve ourselves, personally, professionally and organizationally.


If you are looking for other like-minded organizations to network with we encourage you to join the Scanlon Leadership Network.

If you are an individual who wishes to become part of the Scanlon movement, individual memberships are available through our Scanlon Foundation. We encourage you to become a member. If you want to create more humane and effective organizations the Scanlon Foundation is also a way to make a tax deductible contribution.

If you are looking for competent help to develop leaders and your organization, Scanlon Consulting Services is the most cost effective and proven solution.