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Leadership Network

As a member of the Scanlon Leadership Network, you will be where the best ideas come together. You will tap into our wealth of experience as you network with organizations that pioneered gainsharing, employee involvement, business leadership and open-book management practices. You will be on the leading edge as you participate in our network’s Best Practices program. The Scanlon approach opens doors to communication and removes barriers to sharing ideas. Scanlon organizations have significantly higher customer, employee and investor satisfaction. Our members have superior quality, are more productive, and are better able to adapt to change. Because we focus on timeless principles and processes, we are able to avoid the short-term thinking that often undermines organizations.

The Scanlon Leadership Network is a member-led nonprofit corporation. Therefore, we are able to quickly and economically provide the tools you need to become world-class. By drawing upon the expertise of our network, you will avoid the expense of developing programs and the cost of mistakes and false starts. Our approved consultants are the best in their field. Together we can save you thousands of dollars in consulting and training fees. When you join the Scanlon Leadership Network you become part of a tradition of excellence that has given Scanlon organizations a distinct advantage for more than half a century.

When your organization becomes a member of the Scanlon Leadership Network, you’ll be joining forces with many of the most progressive, successful companies — each of which is dedicated to the Scanlon Principles. Our members are frequently listed among the best companies to work for in North America. A recent book on the 36 best business leaders featured four with Scanlon experience. The opportunity to network with this kind of talent is priceless. While the sharing of ideas and experiences with world-class companies is at the heart of the Scanlon Leadership Network, you’ll also be able to take advantage of many other benefits designed to help you become a leader in your industry.

Networking: We learn from each other and from other world-class organizations. We provide numerous structured networking opportunities where members freely share their leading edge practices with each other.

Best Practices: Each year we collect, evaluate, and distribute a book featuring the best ideas of our members. Included in the book are names and contact information of members willing to help you learn more about their practices and help you adapt them to your organization. We recognize great ideas at an awards banquet each year.

Satisfaction Surveys: A customized employee satisfaction survey is included with your membership. This survey allows you to assess your employees’ satisfaction and benchmark with other members.

Training Materials: As a member, you’ll receive free materials to help you apply Scanlon Principles. Among them are: Team Building, Listening Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Costing Suggestions, Business Literacy and Leadership Programs.

Conference: Our Conference is one of the oldest continuing gatherings of business people in North America. You’ll hear world-class speakers and share thoughts and ideas with other members. As an organizational development tool, the conference provides an opportunity for employees at all levels of a company to learn together and to transfer that learning back to the workplace.

Newsletters: You’ll receive a regularly published newsletter featuring information and ideas on how to make Scanlon Principles work even better for you.

Web Site & Resource Library: As a member, you’ll receive a password to our award-winning web site. Twenty-four hours a day, you’ll be able to download training materials, plan examples, research reports and best practices. Our office contains extensive files, books, training materials and videos related to the Scanlon Principles.

Public Relations: We coordinate speaking engagements for members. We also serve as a clearinghouse for news media interested in gainsharing, employee involvement and open-book management. Articles on members have appeared in many of America’s most respected newspapers and journals.

Certified Consultants: We have taken the risk out of finding good consulting help. We work with a small group of the best independent consultants. All have successfully installed Scanlon Plans or are proven in their field.