Building a Winning Organization with The Leadership Roadmap

“A powerful approach for building trust and a winning organization” Stephen M. Covey

The Leadership Roadmap, written by Dwane Baumgardner and Russ Scaffede*, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book lays out a “concise, coherent, and comprehensive plan for marshalling all available resources and using the best of the available wisdom to build organizations that succeed over the long term”.

According to the authors, in any organization there are only 3 processes that really matter:

1. People
2. Lean
3. Innovation

Lean and an Innovative culture are essential to building capacity. However, the truly critical piece is People. People drive all innovation and lean processes. Without the ability to tap into the full energy and creativity of all employees, significant progress cannot be maintained over the long term. The Scanlon Principles provide the guidelines leaders need to fully unleash employees’ power.

Integrating the leadership of innovation, lean and people processes is at the heart of achieving competitive advantage. The Leadership Roadmap helps you reach this goal with step-by-step plans, templates and tools.

Baumgardner/Scaffede have also created The Leadership Roadmap: Business Model Beliefs, a booklet that boils down the book’s big ideas to their essence and separates them from the implementation tasks. This booklet would be appropriate to use as an introduction to the principles of lean, innovation and Scanlon to your employees. If you are interested in obtaining copies of this booklet, please contact the Network office at 517.332.8927 or

Dwane Baumgardner is retired CEO of Magna Donnelly, President of the Scanlon Foundation, and a Scanlon Steward. Russ Scaffede is General Manager of Toyota Boshoku, former VP of Magna Donnelly, and a Shingo Prize winner. Together they have formed The Leadership Roadmap Institute.

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