The Scanlon Consultancy’s mission is to provide proven consulting and training support, helping Leaders create cultures of excellence. Scanlon consultants are endorsed by the board of directors of the Scanlon Leadership Network. To gain this endorsement a Scanlon consultant must be a proven leader in their area of competence with high ethical standards. Consultants who have successfully installed Scanlon plans may also be designated by the board as a “certified Scanlon consultant.”

We consult and provide training in the following areas:

Organizational Excellence and creating “Best Places to Work.”
Five companies in the top 25 “best places to work” have had Scanlon plans. Scanlon companies continue to be leaders in their industries, “best places to work”, and “most admired.” We have a proven track record in corporate culture change.

Group Reward Systems
We pioneered gainsharing, goalsharing, and profit sharing systems. We have more experience than any other group. We can show you how to do gainplanning and gainmaking, as well as gainsharing.

Involvement and Cooperation
Scanlon created some of the very first joint Labor-Management systems. We believe in cooperation. We also are leaders in Employee Involvement having created some of the first team based systems. Scanlon has over sixty years experience developing high involvement cultures.

Financial Literacy and Open-Book Management
Scanlon has developed extensive support for helping individuals understand the financial systems that keep score in business.

Lean and Continuous Improvement
Scanlon developed one of the most successful suggestion or continuous improvement systems. Today, Scanlon companies are also highly accomplished in lean and six-sigma. We can teach you the tools, and we can help you create a lean culture of continuous improvement.

Leadership Development & Servant Leadership
Servant Leadership is part of everything we do. We have assessment, mentoring and development programs to help servant leaders succeed.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys
We provide a wide variety of on-line and paper assessments. We can customize, administer, and report results at a fraction of the cost of other organizations.