The Scanlon Foundation’s mission is to disseminate information on the Scanlon Principles and practices. Our central focus is to support educational opportunities for leaders who demonstrate interest in leading organizations to realize their full human potential.

A company is rightly judged by its products and services, but it must also face scrutiny as to its humanity. − D .J. DePree

We are a new foundation (formed in 2003) but we are heirs to a tradition of innovation that goes back to the 1940′s. We are part of the group of organizations that quietly led the way in labor-management cooperation, open-book management, employee involvement, gainsharing, goalsharing, profit sharing, lean, and servant leadership.

The 20th Century has been a hothouse of management fads…In the meantime one truly big idea has bubbled along since the 1940′s, never receiving the accolades we regularly bestow on more modest insights. And it’s surprising considering this one has all the elements of a blockbuster. Its watchwords read like an abstract of 50 years’ worth of business hot buttons: Employee Participation, management-labor cooperation, collaborative problem-solving, teamwork, trust, gainsharing, open-book management and servant leadership. But you probably won’t recognize one of the best-kept secrets in the management world: The Scanlon Plan.”

Training Magazine
December 1999

Consistent with our mission, we publish books and articles related to Scanlon and sponsor Scanlon related research. We are a nonprofit 501 c (3) supporting foundation that supports and carries out the charitable work of our parent association, the Scanlon Leadership Network.