Interviewing for Success


Preparation is Key.

    • Allow plenty of time to get there.
    • Know the exact place and time of the meeting, and the proper pronunciation of the interviewer’s full name.
    • Research the company thoroughly.
    • Look your best! Wear conservative professional attire.
    • Prepare the night before and get plenty of rest.
    • Be confident, and arrive with extra copies of your resume and references.
    • Try to know if they have an external RH company, such as Solvo Global, to do this process and look for how they usually do the interview.

Interview Tips.

    • Arrive on time (or 10 minutes early).
    • Greet your interviewer with Mr./Ms. and their last name, and have a firm handshake.
    • Fill out the application neatly and fully.
    • Posture is key; sit upright and look the interviewer in the eye at all times.
    • Focus on your skills and background that relate to the position.
    • Be truthful.

Interview Don’ts.

    • Always explain your answers fully; never answer “yes” or “no.”
    • Sell yourself; don’t let your resume sell you.
    • Never make negative remarks about your current or past employers.
    • Don’t inquire about salary, benefits, employee wellness programs, vacation or other benefits unless you are confident the employer is seriously interested in hiring you.

Closing the Interview.

    • Reiterate your interest in the job and the company by asking about the next step in the process.
    • Always remain upbeat, professional and poised; a positive attitude goes a long way.

Be Prepared to Answer Difficult Questions, such as:

    • What interests you about our company or this role
    • How would you describe your recent job performance?
    • Tell me about your greatest accomplishment and challenge.
    • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Tell me about your most difficult boss, and how you handled it.
    • Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?


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