Scanlon Executives will Dive Deep into ‘Compression’ at Executive Retreat

The business world is just starting to get a feel for how important the issue of sustainability has become. On December 15-16, 2008, Scanlon executives will get a rare chance to examine in-depth the challenges of sustainability and more by studying ‘Compression’ at the Scanlon Leadership Network Executive Leadership Retreat, which will be held in Lansing, MI.

Coined by AME founder Doc Hall, the term Compression refers to how we can “globally create at least the same quality of life as in industrial societies today, while using less than half the energy and virgin raw materials, and cutting toxic releases to nearly zero.” It takes sustainability to a whole new level.

Doc has literally written the book on Compression, which will be published soon. The book will serve as the conversational springboard to a greater exploration of how these concepts impact our lives and businesses, and how employing the Scanlon Principles will help us march closer to the goal. Chapters from the Compression manuscript will be emailed bi-weekly to leaders from within the Scanlon Community. Reading the manuscript in advance will enable everyone to hit the ground running on December 15.

Doc Hall will serve as the main presenter. David Veech, Executive Director of the Institute for Lean Systems, will facilitate. (See more about the Institute for Lean Systems)

The Network is also thrilled to have secured a tour of Christman Co. in downtown Lansing. Christman, a commercial construction corporation, is a leader in sustainable/high performance buildings. In fact, they were awarded the worlds only double-platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for their recently renovated headquarters. This will provide participants a close-up view of how Compression can be accomplished.

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