Scanlon Leadership Network Best Practices

Each year the Scanlon Leadership Network collects, evaluates, documents and prints a book of our members’ Best Practices. The yearly book contains examples of the Best Practice and the phone, fax and email number of a contact person familiar with the practice. Members may download copies of the Best Practices Books from the member only area of our web site. Copies for members are also available from the Office by calling (517) 332-8927 or by email The Best Practices Books are available only to Network Members.

The Scanlon Leadership Network needs your good ideas for the 2008 Best Practices Book! To be considered for the 2008 Book ideas must be received by January 31, 2008. Your idea can help others more effectively practice the Scanlon Principles and Processes. We are looking for ideas that are:

  • tied to the Scanlon Principles/Processes
  • useful throughout the Scanlon Leadership Network (not one company specific)
  • effective in the company that submitted them
  • documented and can be clearly communicated (able to be shared)

Every idea has value. If you submit your idea you will automatically receive the 2008 Best Practices Book with hundreds of great ideas from Scanlon companies from throughout North America.

Best Practice Awards:

Each year, the Best Practices Strategic Action Team, composed of members of the Scanlon Leadership Network designates gold, sliver, and bronze awards for outstanding “Best Practices” related to Identity/Education, Participation/Responsibility, Equity/Accountability, Competence/Commitment, and for an Overall category. Awards will be presented at the Annual Conference Reception.

How to Submit a Best Practice:
Your ideas will be considered for the 2008 Best Practice Book.

We want to make submitting a Best Practice quick and easy. The Network office will work with you to help you submit your idea. We have developed a simple one-page form to make sure that we gather the necessary information.

To submit your Best Practice use the on-line form to your left under Best Practices. [Note: SPAM bots have discovered our on-line submission form.  We have deactivated it until November 2007 when we will turn it back on.  We apologize.]


How to Submit a nomination for the Stewardship Award

The Stewardship Award is the highest award given by the Scanlon Leadership Network. The Best Practices Team recognizes truly exceptional individuals with the Scanlon Stewardship Award. The award is given to those who:

  • Have contributed over time to the Scanlon Principles
  • Have contributed over time to the Network
  • Have demonstrated the Scanlon Principles in their profession and community

Past recipients include Richard Ruch, Dwane Baumgardner, Carl Frost, D.J., Hugh and Max DePree, Buzz Kersman, Bill Greenwood and Pat Thompson, Dick LeVan and John Chipman, Tim Tindall and Myron Marsh.

To confidentially submit a nomination for the award please email the scanlon office at


Frost Beacon Award

Beacon: somebody or something that inspires or guides others

Dr. Carl Frost created the Frost/Scanlon Principles and Processes.  He worked with Joe Scanlon at MIT and then brought Scanlon ideas to Michigan State University, where he devoted his professional life to the study and application of Scanlon ideas.

Dr. Frost helped to create the Scanlon Leadership Network.  Dr. Frost became a friend and guide to those interested in creating better places to work.  He worked with all levels in organizations. Many CEO’s became his friends.

However he always had a special place in his heart for front-line employees.  They in turn cared about him.  (At Herman Miller they bought Dr. Frost a Buick through payroll deduction because his car was constantly breaking down).

The Frost Beacon Award honors those who like Dr. Frost have worked to bring Scanlon Principles into companies and who serve and guide others.

Description of the Award:

The Frost Award is given by the Scanlon Network on behalf of a sponsoring member company to those who exemplify the spirit of caring servant leadership as demonstrated by Dr. Carl Frost.   While any one is eligible to receive the award special consideration should be given to those on the front lines of their organizations.

Criteria for the Award – the sponsored employee must be someone who has:

  • contributed over time to the Frost/Scanlon Principles/Processes in their company
  • lived the Frost/Scanlon Principles in their work
  • a servant’s heart as exemplified in the life and work of Dr. Carl Frost

Process for granting the Award
Frost Award recipients are sponsored by member organizations of the Scanlon Leadership Network.  Organizations that wish to have the award given to one of their employees must do the following:

1) Submit a letter explaining why the person(s) should receive the award, including specific examples of how s/he has demonstrated support of the Principles/Processes.  The letter should include testimonials from those in the organization who know the person.
2) Agree to sponsor the award recipient by sending them to the annual conference to receive their award.

Note:  Member companies may sponsor one Frost Beacon recipient each year.

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