The Business of Innovation and Scanlon Studied at IIT

On September 8 – 10, 2008 Innovation thought leaders and businesses from around the world gathered at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Rice Campus in Wheaton Illinois. The Business Innovation Conference brought entrepreneurs, engineers, executives, academia and government together to share their methods, challenges, and lessons learned as they collectively raised the understanding of the innovation process. (Praveen is pictured above left, with Brett Trusko of the Mayo Clinic)

The conference was organized by Accelper Consulting, and hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology. Praveen Gupta, the driving force behind the event, commented that “the conference turned out to be a great event because of the great speakers, the participant’s hunger for learning innovation, and the academic environment at IIT. I salute everyone who invested their precious time and resources in promoting innovation and helping others better themselves.” Praveen is a long time Scanlon supporter and Consultant, and is author of Business Innovation in the 21st Century.

Scanlon Steward and Consultant Paul Davis led a breakout sessionon “Creating Cultures of Innovation”, which has been a hallmark of Scanlon Members for decades. The Network’s information booth was manned by Scanlon President Wayne Lindholm (pictured right), who spent many years working for 3M, which is widely considered one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Other conference attendees offered these opinions:

“It was a smashing success! Not only was it extremely informative and useful, the caliber of the speakers was top notch and the networking opportunities were extremely beneficial.” Milt Hayes, Director, CIT Planning, Abbott Labs

“It was the very best business conference I have ever attended in my 35+ years in the business world. The speakers were truly business innovation experts as were many of the attendees. The atmosphere was genuinely optimistic. People were willing to share their successes and failures so that everyone could benefit.” Terrence Luczak, Six Sigma Black Belt, formerly with Siemens Building Technologies

“I felt like my synapses have been touched by a live wire. I went home buzzing every day with ideas I generated while I was at the conference.” Brenda Hernandez, Allstate

Network staff and consultants continue to spread the word on how to create innovative organizations. Praveen has launched the international journal of innovation, the Network’s innovation Simulation was recently facilitated by Kim Johnson at Johnstech in Minneapolis, making learning about innovation fun and interactive. Paul Davis will be spreading the Scanlon message of innovation to the Prestressed Concrete Institute’s International Conference, where he will be leading several workshops with the CEO’s of the concrete industry on how to create truly innovative organizations.

“It is interesting that people do not realize how truly innovative Joe Scanlon’s ideas were and how innovative they still are. Almost all the experts on innovation mentioned how important it is to create trust in organizations for innovation to succeed. Scanlon methods are the most proven and innovative ways to build trust. That is why innovative companies from around the world are interested in Scanlon methods,” said Paul Davis.

The next Business Innovation Conference has been scheduled for Oct. 5 – 7, 2009 at the same venue.

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