The People Side of Lean in Las Vegas

On September 15-17, I was given the honor of representing the Scanlon Network at their exhibit booth at the Lean Accounting Summit in Las Vegas. This 4th annual Summit focused on the “People” aspect of Lean. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss the values of Scanlon.

I was impressed by the number of participants, probably 500 or more. I spoke with many attendees, especially after Bob Chapman’s keynote address. Bob is the Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller and spoke primarily about the people side of Lean. He was a very motivational speaker and I could see that he really had the attention of the audience. He shared many great examples of Identity, Participation, Equity, and Competence at his company. Although he used different terms, I was able to convey to the many people that stopped at the Scanlon booth that the Network could help them turn their organization into one like Bob spoke about. Many people also grabbed the Network informational brochures.

A lot of people took advantage of their Pre-Conference Workshops … probably 200 or more. Considering these workshops were anywhere from $300 to $500, and the current economy, this spoke well of the session’s value. I had the Scanlon booth set up early on this first day, so I was able to meet and greet many of the people attending them.

I believe the Summit as a whole was very valuable, and all companies should consider sending a small “cross-functional team” to the event; e.g., a person from manufacturing, accounting, QA, and the like. In my opinion the company would get a lot more for their money than if they only send their accountants. The whole Lean issue needs to be embraced by everyone; getting more people involved would be of much more benefit.

Opportunities to exhibit at events such as the Lean Summit are an excellent way to get the Scanlon organization out there in front of companies that are looking for any help they can get developing their people skills so desperately needed for “Lean” and many other organizational improvement programs.

I appreciated the opportunity to go and represent Scanlon and work with Jahn Ballard, the Scanlon consultant from Performance Management Institute, Inc. (Marge and Jahn are pictured above)

We owe great thanks to Summit organizer Dwayne Butcher (pictured right) for providing the opportunity!

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